Welcome to the Computer Programming Lab @ University of Craiova

My name is Alex Becheru and I am glad to be teaching the Computer Programming laboratory at  the University of Craiova. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have regarding this laboratory.

We shall be using the C language in order to implement algorithms during this laboratory. As IDE we shall be using Code::Blocks which uses gcc as compiler.

All students are required to be present in at least 11 out of 14 laboratories.

email: becheru@gmail.com

This site is constructed with the purpose to create good communications between the teacher and students. You should find this site to be complete with all the information needed to study this laboratory.

Short site description:
  • Files page: files describing every laboratory together with links and additional files.
  • Statistics page: attendance and grades can be found here.
  • Announcements page: has the purpose of staying up to date with the latest information.